Soul Awakening Guided Meditation Package


Connect with your deeper self by mediating to davidji’s Dharma, Karma, Mantra, Tantra guided meditations in this Soul Awakening package designed to connect you to your higher self. More than 70 minutes of guided meditations.


DHARMA represents our purpose in life – the reason for our existence. Dharma allows us to express our unique gifts and special talents in the service of others – essentially to live a purpose-driven life. Imagine if we could spend this part of our life helping, healing, or serving others doing exactly the thing we love to do.

MANTRA represents our connection to spirit and the tools we use to connect us to the present moment. Typically, most mantras are sounds, syllables, or vibrations that don’t necessarily have a meaning. Their value lies in the intention of the mantra and its vibrational quality, not in any meaning that humans, society, culture, or civilization has placed on them over the last few thousand years. For this reason, they go beyond the state of human existence on this planet. And they take you deeper, because they are vibrations that have existed since the dawn of creation.

TANTRA represents the awakening to one-ness through our senses as we move through the world. Tantra is most popularly understood as a divinely revealed body of teachings, explaining what is necessary and what is a hindrance in the practice of the worship of God; and also describing the specialized initiation and purification ceremonies that are the necessary prerequisites of Tantric practice. Tantra is neither a religion nor an ‰Û÷ism’. Tantra is a fundamental spiritual science and if there are spiritual practices associated with your spirituality – they are tantric.

KARMA represents our choices; the ones we celebrate; the ones we regret; the conditional and unconditional ones; the knee-jerk ones and the purposeful ones. Karma can be translated as action and is the culmination of all the actions we have taken through out our lives. In the teachings of Vedanta, this includes the actions we’ve taken in past lives as well. Whether you believe in re-incarnation or not, doesn’t make karma real or not real – karma just is.


Dharma (18:48)

Mantra (16:40)

Tantra (20:31)

Karma (17:58)