My confidence is stronger & opportunities are now appearing!

Starting a business is new to me, and I felt a bit overwhelmed, especially with creating a website. davidji and Nicole coached and helped me define my brand, business name, target market, teaching ideas, strategies, pricing, marketing and they offered helpful resources. Nicole’s gift is her ability to understand who “I am,” and create a beautiful website that represents me and the flavor of my business. My confidence is so much stronger and amazingly, once I started this process several opportunities appeared!

–Heather McHattie Ireland, Ontario

davidji Will Change Your Life

What I find special about studying with davidji is that I love how gritty he is; he is humble and he is authentic. Meditation and davidji's practical, real-life teachings have changed my life. They have calmed me down, and allowed me to make better decisions.

–Lisa Davis, La Jolla, California

Life-changing Workshop

davidji's workshop has changed my life. I have never experienced anything so fulfilling on every level. I was looking for clarity on the direction my life should go, and I was looking for friends and like-minded people to hang out with. I found all of it and more.

–Sandy Cook, Fairview, Texas

Totally Blown Away by the Process

I came to my first davidji event because I was with a friend, and I was just kind of following along. But I was absolutely blown away with what happened to me. I’ve grown and learned and cried and laughed and felt throughout this whole process more than I anticipated, and it’s been wonderful.

–Allan Evans, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

davidji is a Rockstar

davidji is... a rockstar! He has a sense of humor; he doesn’t take himself too seriously, but he is the most loving, caring, giving person I have ever met. He is full of respect and he will treat everyone’s questions or everyone’s problems with respect. He also takes the angle out of it… and sort of puts you back with your feet on the ground.

–Edine Russel, Amsterdam

What an Inspirational Experience!

davidji’s sharp mind, sense of humor, and authentic approach to anything and everything is such an inspiration. HIs events flow so seamlessly, and through his guidance in meditation I was able to expand my perspective on so many other areas in my life. He gave me practical advice & has inspired me to live up to my unique potential.

–Olga Mironov, Riverwoods, Illinois