davidji Events

  • davidji in Dubai!

    February 1-2 | Kite Beach, Dubai

    Join davidji at the third annual XYoga Festival in Kite Beach, Dubai. davidji will be hosting meditation and spiritual teachings during the festival, and you will also have the opportunity to explore the variety of yoga teachers from near and far guiding diverse forms of yoga. There is something for everyone!

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  • Ignite Your Passion, Purpose and Power!

    March 7-10, 2019  |  Carlsbad, CA

    This powerful workshop is for you if you’re ready to embark on a journey of profound self exploration. To reach a place of new beginnings, expansive joy, freedom from the past, and deep fulfillment. davidji will help you step out of chaos and uncertainty, and walk you through his time-tested signature process to gently, lovingly reveal your true self. You’ll engage in a safe space with like-minded people encouraging vulnerability, personal growth and life-long friendship.


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  • davidji in Ireland!

    March 29-31 | Dublin Bay, Ireland

    Join davidji this Spring in Dublin Bay, Ireland for a 3-day workshop to spark your power, presence & grace. In three days you will connect to the divinity that rests within through meditation, discover the archetypes that guide your life, learn how to turn good intentions into valuable results, and rekindle your sense of wonder and joy for life! Between davidji, the spacious Brenton Suite, and the cool breeze of the Dublin Bay, you will be gently guided to the highest version of yourself.

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  • davidji in London!

    April 1 | St. James Church, London

    Join davidji on a path toward awakening the transformation that is inside you, and learn the secrets that Awakening Your Sacred Powers reveals to guide you toward stepping into your power, making more conscious choices, communicating less violently, owning your impact and manifesting the dream life you’ve always wanted.

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  • Join davidji on a Sacred Exploration of the Holy Land

    April 7-16  |  Israel

    Spend a week with me walking in the steps of King Solomon, Jesus, and the Prophet, as we explore the holy sites of Jerusalem, Galilee, Bethlehem, the Western Wall, the Muslim Quarter, the ancient city of Jericho; the mount of Olives; the Dome of the Rock; immersing into the most ancient & modern touchstones of history and religion.

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  • Weekend Meditation Masterclass

    April 26 – 28  | Carlsbad, CA

    Spend a perfectly serene weekend with davidji connecting to stillness and silence, meditating on the beach, and relaxing and rejuvenating your mindbody.

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  • Spiritual Awakening Meditation Immersion

    April 29 – May 5  |  Carlsbad, CA

    This weeklong experience offers an opportunity to explore your spirituality, restore the harmony within, and tap into your body’s inner intelligence and creativity. Spiritual Awakening is highly recommended if you are ready to dive deeper into your spiritual development; seek personal growth and life long transformation.

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  • An Evening with davidji in Rochester, New York

    May 16 | 6pm – 9pm Eastern

    davidji is thrilled to be making an appearance in Rochester, New York, hosted by Breathe Yoga, owned by Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Certified Teacher Cyndi Weiss.

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  • A Weekend Immersion: Truly Transform Your Life to a Place of Deep Fulfillment

    May 17-19 | Rochester, New York

    davidji is thrilled to be making an appearance in Rochester, New York, hosted by Breathe Yoga, owned by Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Certified Teacher Cyndi Weiss. davidji will be appearing for an evening keynote Thursday, May 16th 6-9pm ET, and hosting a weekend workshop Friday, May 17 – Sunday, May 19 also at Breathe Yoga in Rochester.

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  • Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Training beginning June 30

    Online Classes Begin June 30
    In-residence October 14 – 20

    An intensive 4-month, 285-hour process that culminates with a week in-residence at the Meditation Nest in Carlsbad, California. davidji interweaves the physical, emotional, and spiritual components of meditation into your personal journey and goals. Training includes meditation study, group discussions and interaction, energy work, lectures, and much more.

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