Stepping Into Your Power Guided Meditation Package


If you want to be happier…you need to step into your power and take the reins of your life so you can be the writer, the main character, and the director of your life. And right now – in this moment – you get to turn the page and write the new chapter of your life using this power guided meditation package as a tool.


There are several elements of stepping into your power, and the first is wealth consciousness, also known as abundance consciousness. Abundance consciousness is not simply about making or receiving money. Money is one of the symbols of material wealth. But viewing our abundance solely in terms of dollars or euros or pesos or pounds is limiting. Abundance consciousness is opening our arms so wide so that EVERYTHING – money, health, love, forgiveness, happiness, spirit…flows into us without conditions.

Moving through loss is another important element of stepping into your power. There are several emotional flows we endure when we are dealing with any type of loss – death of a pet, death of a friend or loved one, losing a limb, losing your job, getting divorced, losing your home, your car, your youth, your hair, a core relationship, a treasured item, even coping with an addiction. There are many other emotions we can also feel and there is no certainty that someone experiencing loss or a life-altering event will feel all five of the responses, but understanding these five emotions can help us give ourselves permission to experience them without judging them as appropriate or inappropriate while we are in the midst of our grief.

Finally, fear obscures the opportunity step into our power. Fear colors every thought that has the potential to sprout into magnificence. As the Buddha said, “All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we create our world.” And when we convince ourselves that what we want to happen won’t and what we don’t want to happen will, then we become a victim of our fantasies. But we are better than that. We are stronger than that. We are more capable and blessed than we give ourselves credit for and we must give ourselves permission to strut, to believe again, to open our heart to the possibility that whatever negativity we can dream up can easily be offset by a positive message.


  • Stepping Into Your Power (8:05)
  • Abundance (16:52)
  • Moving Through Loss (17:33)
  • Fear to Gratitude (15:57)