Sri Yantra Guided Meditation


Mantra: *Gaze at a Sri Yantra*

Sri (also spelled shri and pronounced shree) is Sanskrit for “wealth” or “abundance;” in this case it means “most revered.” Yantra is a Sanskrit word for “vehicle” or “instrument.” So the sri yantra is a revered visual instrument that uses the mathematical proportions known as the golden ratio. The scientific proportions used to create such structures as the Parthenon, and the Great Pyramid at Giza are based on the same naturally occurring sacred ratios we witness in the development of pine cones, ferns, succulents and nautilus shells. The sacred geometrics of the sri yantra depict a pure visual expression of the journey of existence, expanding from the cosmic one-ness (the source) to multiplicity (our personal expression of the universe) and then back to one-ness—all the while providing that very experience of one-ness. It is a meditation in itself. Click here for a Sri Yantra


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