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Fill What is Empty; Empty What is Full, ft. Snatam Kaur & Damien Rose

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you could weave more stillness, silence, creativity, and intuition into your daily routine? Imagine if you could be the peace amidst the chaos … the calm inside the storm. You can! davidji created the Guided Meditations for everyone who has an interest in bringing more wholeness into their life. Whether you’re a crisis meditator, new to meditation, or have been meditating for many years, you’ll find the Guided Meditations to be a profound partner in your personal empowerment, your physical and emotional healing, and your mindbody transformation.

Listen to these meditations on your laptop, your iPhone, your desktop, or your sound system. Guaranteed to relax your mind, body, heart and soul…and give you the strength to move on.

  1. Journey to Your Sweet Spot (peace meditation)
  2. Flow of Love (emotional healing meditation), ft. Snatam Kaur
  3. Heal Your Body (physical healing meditation)
  4. Open your Chakras (energy healing meditation)
  5. Animus (awakening meditation)
  6. Fill What Is Empty; Empty What Is Full (gratitude & abundance meditation)
  7. Infinite Flexibility (opening to change meditation)
  8. We Are the Ones (stepping forward meditation)

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Written by Karen Neunzig, Karen Neunzig, & Felicia M. Tomasko, RN Sept 8, 2010

davidji’s CD of guided meditations titled, Fill What is Empty, Empty What is Full takes you on a journey deep within your heart. The seventy minutes of rejuvenation allows the listener to tap into their natural, most authentic self through deep breathing and soothing mind expansion.

In the second track titled “Flow of Love,” Davidji quotes mystical poet William Blake who describes the process as “cleansing the doors of perception.” If you feel that your doors of perception could use some purification, this guided meditation was made just for you. Whether you are on a quest for your dharma or in need of empowerment, practice can help you feel your life outside of meditation start to change.

Each of the meditations is designed to give you the strength to overcome life’s many obstacles. They include a peace meditation, awakening, gratitude and abundance meditations, opening to change meditation, a stepping forward meditation and emotional, physical, and energy healing meditations (including a progressive “Open Your Chakras” guided journey).

With his easy voice creating an ideal environment for mental clarity, Davidji asks a series of stimulating questions challenging us to think with our pure, unadulterated hearts. The query that lingered in my mind for days was “What are three things you would do if you knew you could not fail?” Choosing only three was a challenge.

Davidji has made a true impact on the world. Find out more these about these guided meditations & meditation instruction at

‰Û҉ÛÒ Reviewed by Karen Neunzig