Nurture & Heal Guided Meditation Package


As you send healing vibrations out to the world, know that right now…someone is sending you healing LOVE as well. The mind is capable of all things which includes returning us to the memory of wholeness before all this conditioning began…before all these expectations in life that we placed upon our self to try to navigate these wild and turbulent energetic flows of our existence.


The power of sound is a magnificent tool that can help us connect to the pure, present moment when we are feeling weakened, stressful, anxious, less than, constricted, sad, depressed, or needing a little pick-up. When we can step into the space that rests deep within, we can transcend any limiting belief, any emotional challenge, and any physical constriction.

Touch is also a powerful healer. Our skin is the largest organ in our body. In fact, the average human is covered in 18 square feet of flesh!! And because of that, the nourishing power of touch can have a profound healing impact on every cell that rests only millimeters beneath the surface. Whether you receive a caress, a hug, or a massage, modern science is now revealing long-lasting positive benefits to our physical AND emotional wellbeing.


  • Sound Healing (14:44)
  • Touchbreath (15:28)
  • Power of Love (17:36)
  • Gratitude (12:19)