Teacher Training Support

Logging In to the Teacher Training Dashboard

Plan to check your email and login to the teacher training dashboard each Sunday for your new weekly lesson. And, throughout the week, you can do the lessons, watch the videos, listen to the audio, etc. on demand at a time that’s convenient for you. The same principle applies for exploring and absorbing the gems in your required reading list!

If you have any difficulty logging in or seeing the new weekly lesson on your dashboard, it usually means there is a problem with your web browser. If that is the case, there’s a quick fix! Please note which web browser you are using and follow the Cache Clearing instructions to clear your cache and history. Then, restart your browser and log in again.

If this process doesn’t fix it, email teachertraining@davidji.com or let Nancy know directly and our team will investigate further.

Missing Emails

We have found that sometimes various email accounts seem to be finicky about rejecting emails from people not in your address book. To make sure you receive your weekly email and other emails from us, please make sure you whitelist our email addresses by adding info@davidji.com, nancy@davidji.com, teachertraining@davidji.com and customerservice@davidji.com to your address book as approved senders. If you still do not see your weekly email each Sunday, please check your spam/junk folder and if it is not there either, please be sure to let Nancy know and she will ensure it is resent it to you.

Accessing your Dropbox & Submitting Assignments

We have created a personal dropbox folder for each person in the training so you can upload & submit assignments here as we continue our journey together. Please ensure that your assignments are submitted on time and that the file name identifies the assignment as yours with your name is the file document name each time.

For now, we have placed a copy of your questionnaire in your folder. If you do not already have a dropbox account, please first 1) set up your free account; and, then 2) accept the invitation to the shared folder that we will send you so you can save your files/assignments there. If you already have a dropbox account, accept this invitation and use this shared folder for easily submitting your assignments to us during your Teacher Training.

Scheduling 1:1 with davidji

Once we receive your teacher training questionnaire submission and once dates are available in davidji’s calendar, we will send information to you to sign up for your 45 minute video one on one calls with davidji. Sessions will be available on first come-first served basis. Once the first round of sessions fill up we will identify a second round of time slots for those who miss the first round. Please be sure you make a note of your schedule time, arrive on time, and test zoom in advance of your session so there are no technical glitches. We will set aside this special time for you in davidji’s busy schedule and ask that you make every effort to be on time.

 Joining Webinars

 If you are having trouble accessing the webinars, please refer to the ZOOM Q&As below, or visit the ZOOM help section of their website for information and advice. Getting Started Videos

What are the optimum computer requirements for using Zoom?

Internet Speed:

  • For best results, an internet connection speed of 10mbps or higher is preferred (test your speed here)
    • A slower connection of 5mbps or higher should work, but video quality may be low
  • If experiencing poor video or audio quality while using wifi, try a wired Ethernet connection — that is, a cable directly from your modem or router to your computer

Computer hardware:

  • A Windows, Mac or Linux computer produced within the last 5 years
  • A working internal microphone, or a dedicated stand-alone microphone separate from the computer
  • A working built-in camera, or a stand-alone camera such as a Logitech webcam
  • Need more help? View Getting Started on Windows and Mac

Mobile Devices:

Full technical details are available at Zoom’s website.

How do I find out my internet connection speed?
Visit www.speedtest.net and click Go.

How do I turn my video on or off?
Click the Video icon (shaped like a camera) in the lower left corner of the Zoom screen. If you turn your video off, you will still be able to hear the audio portion of the event but the other participants won’t be able to see you. To become visible onscreen again, click the icon again to turn on your camera.

How do I change my view of the speaker?
Click on the icon in the upper right hand corner of the Zoom screen to toggle between Speaker View and Gallery View. Speaker view allows you to see the person that is speaking as a larger image and rotates with whoever has the floor. Gallery View allows you to see one large view with up to 25 smaller screens of your fellow participants.

My video or camera isn’t working
Troubleshoot your video issue using Zoom’s video/camera help guide.

My audio isn’t working
Troubleshoot your audio issue using Zoom’s audio help guide. You might also try leaving the event and rejoining it, making sure you click the green button that says Join Audio Conference by Computer. You could also try joining the event on a different device.

If you have any other questions, please email Nancy at nancy@davidji.com, teachertraining@davidji.com or customerservice@davidj.com anytime!