Crisis Meditator’s Guide to Becoming Calm, Clear & Truly Happy Online Course

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This Course at a Glance

37 Video trainings to help you become a meditation rock star and feel calm, clear, and truly happy – anytime, anywhere.

A library of fun audio meditations to enhance your practice.

A clear, easy plan so you can stick with your meditation practice.

Community support: Connect with like-minded participants in our private Facebook group. I’ll join the discussion often to see how you’re doing and answer questions.

Life-long access: Take the course again and again—for a lifetime!

Plus, you’ll receive…

My Rockstar Meditation Journal: As you track your progress in this cool downloadable journal, it becomes SO MUCH easier to notice the difference meditation is making in your life—and to stick with your practice.

Mantra Cards: Using a mantra is one of the easiest ways to meditate anytime, anywhere. With these awesome downloadable cards, you’ll have a library of mantras and their meanings at your fingertips.

This is Totally Different From Anything You’ve Ever Taken…

This course not about confusing rules or processes that seem far-out. Instead, we focus on developing a fun and easy practice that works for YOU. I’ve laid this course out very carefully to help you avoid the stumbling blocks so many people encounter. Step-by-step, I’ve create a very powerful practice that is the foundation for everything else in your life.

Your Investment By the Numbers
Your 37 Training Videos… $700
Your Meditation Journal… $20
The Mantra Cards… $20
40 Days to Transformation (limited-time bonus!)… $40
Community Support… priceless
The Calm, Clarity and Happiness You’ve Always Wanted… priceless

Total value: $780
Right now: $49