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Yoga Journal Reviews davidji’s “Secrets of Meditation” Book

“davidji shares his own journey in such a personal way that you know he’s sincere in his belief that meditation can change the world. His book offers new inspiration if you’re in the meditation doldrums and guidance for those just starting to meditate. And for those of us in the murky middle – perhaps struggling and stumbling – it’s a beacon of hope.”

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90-Second Interval: Busting Common Meditation Myths

Davidji stopped by the Well+Good loft to bust common meditation myths that can really get in the way of a little mindfulness.

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foxchicagologoGood Day Chicago
Just 5 minutes of meditation can lead to balance and peace in your life.

bellalifelogoMeditation for Newbies
New to meditation and not sure how to begin? It all starts with showing up, and here you are! Learn how to do a simple breathing meditation that takes as little as 16 seconds.

Your 5-Second Stress Fix This Holiday Week
Don’t know how you’ll possibly be able to finish all of your shopping before Santa’s sleigh rolls into town? Just remember SODA. (No, not the drink!) Read Full Article.




As Sophie Herbert’s special guest, I discussed Secrets of Meditation and techniques to de-stress during the holiday season.

Tapping Into Your Zen on CBS New York’s The Couch
The hustle and bustle of the holidays can add a lot of stress to your life, but there are some techniques to help you keep calm, breathe easier, and tap into your zen.

35 Ways to be Healthier This Year
Shower away stress in the New Year. “Let droplets flow over your head, close your eyes, and inhale slowly and deeply through your nose, holding it for a few seconds. Imagine a waterfall releasing tension as you exhale.”

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15 Pampering Gifts You Won’t Want To Part With
My guided meditation CD Fill What Is Empty; Empty What Is Full is considered “a great gift for anyone who needs a little more downtime.”

Your Perfect Meditation Style: Even if you can never sit still
You want to meditate and be less reactive in stressful situations, but you can’t sit still and clear your mind. It could be you just haven’t found the right meditation style. Here are five to help you pick one that sticks.

What To Do When You Feel Super Stressed Out
Exams, traffic, presentations, big events, someone upset you—these can all create stress and drive us crazy. Some practical tips on keeping your cool no matter what!

GQMeditation Expert Davidji on How Presidential Candidates Can Keep Their Cool
Everybody’s job is stressful. Being a baker, a management consultant, a reporter, a surf instructor? It’s all stressful. But there are two jobs—being president and running for president—that are on a whole other level of stress.

The Huffington PostHow Meditation Makes You Fearless
What can I say about meditating? Apparently plenty, since almost every blog I have written for The Huffington Post includes a mention of the benefits of meditation.

The positive effects of a dedicated practice helped me transform my relationship to fear and stress and so deeply impacted the quality of my life that meditation became one of the cornerstones of my psychotherapy practice…

Ask the Experts
Davidji offers advice for calming nerves when flying. “There are about 22 minutes between the time the cabin door closes and when the seatbelt light goes off – the perfect amount of undisturbed time for meditation to wash your anxiety away.”

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Which Meditation Style Is Right for You?
Here are five types of meditations, depending on your personality, and some practical guidance to help you pick one that sticks.

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