This lesson gives an introduction to Shakti energy, energy centers in the body, and how you can manifest your dreams and desire with Shakti manifestation. The following is the audio lesson transcripted. 

Hello, my name is davidji, and I’ll be your guide through this powerful Shakti Manifestation process. So welcome to the course, let’s dive in! 

In the ancient wisdom teachings, the highest vibration of Spirit that flows through all existence, is called Shakti. S-H-A-K-T-I. Shakti. Considered the Life Force of the Universe, Shakti is believed to be the most powerful expression of Divine Feminine Energy. Shakti is pure, ecstatic, creative, authentic, nourishing, healing, restorative, life-affirming, and transformational. Shakti holds a sacred space in ancient devotional rituals and modern spiritual practices – worshipped with deep reverence and often depicted as a woman, a goddess, a mother, a warrior, a priestess, a healer, and as God, expressed as the Divine Mother. 

Shakti is the most powerful energy in the Universe and vibrates at the highest frequency because it’s five-dimensional. Not only does this Sacred Power run through our world in three dimensions of physical form. It also flows through our being as a pure, invisible, energetic life force in the fourth dimensionrippling through our entire body, also known as our subtle or astral body. But, most important, Shakti has a fifth-dimensional quality—the ability to merge our physical existence with the invisible, nonlocal, formless world in order to manifest our intentions into tangible reality! 

Now the fifth-dimensional cosmic merging of Shakti energy is the game changer of all existence. The Sacred Power of Shakti inherently carries with it the ability to turn intangible thoughts, wishes, dreams, and desires into tangible outcomes. Harnessing the Sacred Power of Shakti awakens your capacity to transform mind into matter.

Shakti goes beyond simply letting us peek into other realms. It is the true cosmic merging of all realms that co-exist in the Universe—the physical, tangible, realm, the subtle, psychological, realm, and the causal, or spiritual, realm. When the Sacred Power of Shakti is rippling through you, it allows you to simultaneously have one foot in the physical realm and one foot in the vast expanse of the infinite. 

Shakti is that potent spark that transforms thoughts into things—it’s the actionable process of manifestation. Einstein referred to the power of Shakti as “spooky action at a distance.” Even he couldn’t quite understand it because it is so mind-blowing.

Right now Shakti energy is rippling through your body like an electric current simultaneously connecting you to the past, present, and future. It’s rippling through every moment that has ever existed and every moment that will ever exist! Shakti energy is timeless, boundless, within you, beyond you, tangible, and intangible, filled with activity and stillness—all at the same time. 

And yet, on a very personal level, we can effortlessly awaken our Sacred Power of Shakti and channel the cosmic flow directly into and through our very being. That’s right! You and I can harness the divine energy of the Universe. And as long as we are willing to trust and let abundance flow through us, the Sacred Power of Shakti is available to us in every moment. 

Now in the ancient wisdom traditions, the Sacred Powers of Transformation were located in seven distinct energy centers located in the physical body. Ancient India referred to these energy centers as chakras (translated as “turnings” or “wheels”), and it was believed that these seven wheels of energy were the junction points between our physical, mental, and spiritual worlds, such that all the energy of the Universe converged at seven vortexes within the human body.

Modern acupuncture and acupressure practitioners use these meridians as healing points, and according to the ancient wisdom traditions of the Sufis in Persia, the Hindus in India, and the Hopi Indians of North America, these energetic convergences were domains of transformation and manifestation. Pretty amazing, right? 

The 5,000-year-old Indian healing system known as Ayurveda teaches that these seven core energy centers are gateways connecting us to the physical world we live in and to the unknown world beyond. These are powerful focal points for the reception and transmission of Shakti energy.

These seven junction points also house our relationships, our creativity, our dreams and desires, our ability to receive and give love, our voice, our choices, our purpose, our connection to self, and our connection to source. And within our physical body, these seven sacred spaces are also the largest concentration of our blood vessels, nerve endings, hormonal surges, electrical wiring, immune functions, digestion of food, experiences, and emotions, and the vital energy that fuels our breathing, tickles our brain and beats our heart. 

The chakras are real, and Shakti is in you. But often, we’re not paying attention to that. But now that we’re aware of that, we should understand even more fully that the divine convergence that occurs in each of these seven access points has the power to effortlessly balance, heal, and transform you in every aspect of your life—manifesting your simple desires and fulfilling your most ambitious dreams. 

The capacity of these personal vortexes is limited only by your own beliefs. So, join me in tomorrow’s lesson and we’ll dive deeper and deeper into the concept of Shakti manifestation.