Join Me for Soul Connection & Meditation

Every Sunday in February!

Every Sunday morning at 8am Pacific for the month of February I’m hosting a free, LIVE! one-hour webinar on zoom. 

It is my hope that you meditate, and I believe that we transform the world around us by transforming ourselves from within.

If you are new to meditation and would like an opportunity to explore tips, tools and meditation techniques then this is the series for you! If you have dabbled in meditation before, or even if you are an expert meditator, you will learn timeless wisdom, make soul connections and experience transformational aha! moments. 

Join me for four powerful Sunday sessions in February that will include intention setting, lessons and discussion, spiritual solutions, meditation and affirmations. 

These virtual sessions have limited attendance, so I encourage you to reserve your spot. Attendees are required to register in advance and will be admitted to the session on a first-come, first-serve basis until spots are full. Click the button to register!

Questions? Send an email at I look forward to seeing you February 7. Peace. -davidji