If You Want to Truly Learn Something, Learn to Teach It


Who Are You to Become a Teacher?


Answer: Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. This quote by Howard Thurman tells you everything you need to know to make that powerful decision to become a Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher.

What the world needs is passionate, enthusiastic, inspired people who long to share transformation with others! If you are reading this, it’s because you have been summoned by the universe… you have been called… you have been invited to step into your power.

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Have You Felt Any of The Following Urges Lately…

  • An urge to deepen your meditation practice?
  • An urge to study the masters in a deep, nourishing environment?
  • An urge to immerse yourself and share the gift of meditation with others?
  • An urge to challenge your soul?

Students in the Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Training attend for so many different reasons. And each finds a connection to the teachings and to one another that transcends any explanation. Students connect with the greatest teachers of Vedanta, Buddhism, spirituality, emotional healing and mind-body wellness from ancient texts to modern-day translations. And, experience learning – and practicing – timeless wisdom in a loving, caring, experiential, interactive and practical way.  They go on to share these teachings with the world. As a Master of Wisdom & Meditation one becomes a conduit of positive transformation, whether it be in the home, at work or within oneself.

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This is The Only 285-Hour Meditation Training


Our curriculum celebrates all philosophies of meditation, and this teacher training honors every tool, technology, and body of knowledge that can help you quiet the fluctuations of the mind and achieve deeper meaning, purpose, peace, and fulfillment in your life.


In this training, davidji combines different types of meditation, group discussions, energy work, chanting, dancing, lectures on the soul, teachings from the Vedas, and group interaction, which interweaves the physical, emotional, and spiritual components of meditation into a very personal journey, traveling from your most ego-based, individual Self to the most divine and cosmic aspects of your universal Self.

Students spend 15 weeks immersed in weekly online lessons, a comprehensive reading list, journaling, regular collaboration  and study with davidji During your time leading up to the final week, you will experience a one-on-one video call with davidji, a live video webinar per month in which you will interact with your fellow teachers in training, have continuous interaction with davidji, as well as video and audio teachings each week.

The final week of your training concludes with an intensive seven-days in-residence with davidji and your fellow teachers-in-training at The Meditation Nest in Carlsbad, California. Together with davidji, your magnificent posse will individually and collectively peel away layers, absorb timeless wisdom, and awaken to your best versions.

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davidji’s Story



For 20 years I worked in the worlds of finance and business amid the wild corporate swirl of New York City — even on one of the higher floors of the World Trade Center in Tower 2, now referred to as Ground Zero. It was a career many would be proud of and to look at my life I should have had everything. But I was miserable.

One day I realized — as my life was spinning out of physical and emotional balance — I had stopped meditating, a practice that had once brought me joy and deep fulfillment. Instead, I often awoke at 2 a.m. with a painful knot in my stomach that stayed there through the day and into the evening. I ate my lunch at my desk while texting, chatting on my cell phone, typing e-mails, and wolfing down a sandwich . . . all in five minutes. And I realized I had been doing that for almost fifteen years.

I was sleepwalking through my life — waking up, burning through the day, performing my “job,” coming home, eating dinner, reading a book or watching TV, and passing out. I felt empty, adrift from any guiding principle, and was second-guessing my choices in life. I started to question the value I contributed to those in my life. My personal and work relationships were stressed and strained.

Believing my options were limited and convinced there was no out, I was desperate to re-write the script of my life. If only I knew how.

And so one day in SoHo, as I walked past a row of cardboard boxes in which homeless people were living, a soot-covered hand reached out and grabbed my pant leg. Suddenly the moment began revealing itself in slow motion. A curious face peered up at me and asked, “What’s gonna be on your tombstone?” Face to face, soul to soul — connected in a transcendent, cosmic moment, it took my breath away.

All the street sounds and voices around us faded into the background as a high-pitched whoosh encased my head like the sound in your ears as you lay in bed after you’ve attended a really loud concert.

He tightened his grip on my pant leg, pulling my attention down with his fingers as he hoisted his body up, and inching his face a bit closer. We leaned into each other and matched gazes. Time stood still as our eyes locked for what seemed an eternity.

Tears came to my eyes, and I mouthed the words to him, “I don’t know.” My mind was a tsunami of thoughts, memories, and desires. Yet, now, sensing his knuckles resting on my shoe with his open palm face up, I assumed he was asking for some charity and I reached into my pocket intending to give him a few dollars. Clairvoyantly, he reached up to stop me and pressed his hand against my pocket, pinning my hand inside it. “It’s not about the money. The answer is in the stars,” he counseled in a raspy whisper. “Just find your sacred powers.”

I wandered aimlessly for hours after that, his pointed words reverberating through every cell in my body. What was going to be on my tombstone? What was my purpose? I felt like a prisoner living eternally on death row, stuck in a painful purgatory with no reason for being.

My mind was overflowing with smoke-filled images of the collapse of Tower Two, just blocks south of the downtown office building, where my staff and I had stood on the roof and watched in horror on that fateful day. So many we knew and loved and so many more we’d never get to know. For me, the psychological fallout from 9/11 drifted somewhere between emptiness, a profound sense of emotional grief, and a primal wake-up call — the deep need to live a life of purpose.

That night, as I shared my day’s story with my wife over dinner, she handed me a piece of paper. She had sensed my daily pain and had explored a few deeper options for me to consider. One was a meditation retreat in England with Deepak Chopra. She encouraged me to follow my heart. A work colleague advised me, “Jump and the net will appear.” One of my yoga teachers suggested, “Quit your job today. The universe will provide.”

And so, my journey began…

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What Others are Saying…



davidji’s workshop has changed my life. I have never experienced anything so fulfilling on every level. I was looking for clarity on the direction my life should go, and I was looking for friends and like-minded people to hang out with. I found all of it and more.
—Sandy Cook, Fairview, Texas

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There are many paths to one-ness.

Literally, thousands of schools and philosophies of meditation exist,

each with a unique technique or way of helping to experience present-moment awareness.