Sonya Harnett


  • davidji Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Training
    Fall 2020

About Sonya

I have been teaching yoga and meditation in my local community for a number of years now and am so passionate about sharing the amazing benefits of how these practices offer a place of silence and stillness throughout our busy lives. As a busy mum of two kids and running a business, yoga and meditation have been the pinnacle in my way of healing and nourishing myself. The foundation of my day is my daily morning and evening meditation practice and this feeds my soul, nourishes my body so I can be the best version of myself for me, my family and everyone I interact with through my day! I want to send the sparkle of love and kindness outward everyday to everyone I meet!. So meditation and yoga keep me in touch with this beautiful space in my heart so I can send this ripple of love outward!

I am a fully certified yoga teacher with Yoga Therapy Ireland (Dip YTI 500hrs) and am highly experienced and have been teaching yoga classes since 2011 within the local community. My classes are gentle and open to all levels from beginner to experienced. I am a certified meditation teacher with davidji academy and so honored to introduce these ancient teachings and sacred practices through all my classes. I teach meditation classes and facilitate local meditation sanghas which I am so grateful for!

My yoga classes are gentle and fluid using the foundation of breath centred awareness that include a deeply mindful approach to all movement. My movement classes are taught through an embodied approach along with Somatic based movement that is blended together as a grounding practice suitable for everyone! I am very grateful to all of my teachers along my journey of learning and teaching. Movement is “consciousness in motion” – davidji

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