davidji Events Offer an Amazing Personal Experience!

I’m often asked, what’s the difference between a davidji event or teacher training & the hundreds of retreats being offered everywhere else.

As you probably know from reading Secrets of Meditation, for most of the last decade, I was fortunate enough to plan, host & teach at hundreds of events around the world – meditation retreats, Ayurveda workshops, weekly healing programs, teacher trainings, weekend spiritual seminars, and leading daily meditations – sometimes on stage in front of hundreds of students & the next day, on a cushion teaching a class to a room of five – and every kind of experience in between.

I had Drs. Deepak Chopra & David Simon as my daily teachers & they infused me with the commitment to honor all those on this planet looking to balance, heal, & transform. Every day I am in gratitude for the gifts they so lovingly shared with me.

Have you considered attending one of my retreats, but still not sure if you should attend? Here’s why…

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An amazing personal experience!

My training in cultivating the ideal guest experience runs deep – and after teaching hundreds of thousands of students, and certifying more than a thousand teachers, I’ve seen, heard, studied, & learned what it takes to create an amazing attendee experience – and one that has long-lasting traction once you return back to your world.

In the 7 years since I founded the davidji SweetSpot Community, starting with the very first davidji Healing Immersion in 2012, I have designed workshops, immersions, retreats & teacher trainings that are intimate, heart-based, practical, transformational, and include real-world action steps to take your life to the next level.

Although I speak around the world each week to thousands of people – (this year I’ll be connecting with more than 10,000 people at the Happinez Festival in Holland, as well as taking a group of 30 spiritual seekers for a divine convergence in the holy lands of Israel) – the greatest joy I have is to sit in the cozy living room at the Meditation Nest on the San Diego coast & commune with the students, teachers, and attendees at my SweetSpot events & Teacher Trainings.

What’s the Meditation Nest?

All of my events take place at my Meditation Nest. To maintain an intimate & relaxed environment, we limit attendance to 30 people. Within a few hours, we all know each other’s names & why we are here. As a tightly-woven community, we share from the heart before, during, and after the experience. Together, like a spiritual hunting party, we rise with the sun, we nestle into the sand with the ocean as our backdrop, and we meditate to the first light of day. When we say Namaste to each other, we “know” the eyes of the souls we are connecting with. We recognize each other’s voices & we comfort each other as we breathe ocean air & watch whales & dolphins pop out of the waves. The sound we hear most is the gentle rhythm of the Pacific Ocean. And each evening, we get to commune in nature as we watch another dazzling SweetSpot sunset.

Throughout our experience, every face we see is a member of our tribe. (Even when we take our annual pilgrimage to Maya Tulum to explore the Five Realms in Mexico, we take over the whole resort, so everyone you see & meet is a like-minded soul) We’re communing on a very high frequency – We’ve meditated together, practiced yoga together, eaten breakfast together…

I’m with you every step of the way!

To ensure continuity, I am with you every day of the process – in every moment – from sunrise… through our morning & afternoon sessions… into our evening activities… right up to our final moment together where I lead the closing ceremony.

What happens each day?

Each day during my events is infused with timeless wisdom, practical teachings, powerful healing, real-world take-aways, interactive exercises, personal time to reflect & journal, heart-opening, breath work, meditation instruction, yoga, & musical entertainment. I know of no other program, process, or teacher-training that maintains this intimacy, continuity, and building of community – not just during the event, but long after we’ve all returned home.

We have private Facebook groups that continue the process every day & group webinars where we can all see each other’s faces and listen to each other’s process. Just as the SweetSpot Community is a movement; not a mailing list – my SweetSpot events aren’t impersonal workshops; but rather, they are intimate, transformational experiences where we all take our lives to the next level.

You will transform… guaranteed!

Because I am the thread that weaves through every moment of the immersion, my life is also being transformed – and the community we create online & in-person has a powerful impact on the world long after we leave the Nest.

I invite you to join me for one of these life-changing events. My 20-years of creating these experiences has taught me that transactions are fleeting; but relationships are timeless. And while I am grateful for the chance to touch thousands of people at large conferences & seminars, speaking in lecture halls & at festivals; I am most deeply fulfilled in an intimate gathering where we all awaken together – where we can deeply connect at the soul level and act as a balm for each other’s healing & as a catalyst for each other’s transformation.

Precious Moments

I only hold five intimate immersions a year, two teacher trainings, & our annual retreat to the Mexican Riviera. I encourage you to live boldly & take a powerful step in the direction of your dreams. I’d like you to join me for one of my four-day transformation immersions, or at our 16-week Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Training (15 weeks on line & one week together in the SweetSpot).

Because these experiences are intimate, they sell out very quickly – click here to find out more – and remember that you transform the world by transforming yourself! I look forward to spending some time with you in the SweetSpot of the Universe .


In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap! Peace. -davidji