Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Training Jan-May 2023

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Learn to Meditate Sept 3 2022

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Foundations Course


Where are you right now?

Have you arrived at a crossroads or a fork in the road? – and you’re looking for insight, guidance or a sign to help you take your life to the next level? Looking to step into your power and finally own your impact? Maybe you want to deepen your practice but don’t want the added pressure of taking tests or quizzes? Or perhaps you simply want to gently journey along your spiritual path and connect more deeply to source?

This spiritual journey can feel very isolated and lonely – and without a guide and a process – our suffering and struggles can stand in the way of our happiness and our healing.

And, that’s why I’ve developed the Foundations Course.

For thousands of years, the ancient spiritual teachings have revealed the answers to life’s deepest questions:
· Who am I ?
· Why am I here & What is my purpose?
· How do I know which is the right decision?
· How do I awaken my inner healer?
· What’s the secret to truly connecting to the stillness & silence that rests within?
· And, how do I manifest my dreams and desires?

In this course, you and I will journey together exploring the ancient teachings, cultivating our meditation practice, discovering our best self, and building a strong foundation for you to navigate this magnificent, yet sometimes harsh, world around us.

Please click on the Introduction below to get started.

Learn to Meditate with Your birthSTAR Mantra

Welcome to your Learn to Meditate with Your birthSTAR Mantra lessons dashboard. Each week of your journey, a new lesson will become available for you to click on and begin. As you complete each lesson, remember to mark the lesson complete. Questions about the course content? Send us an email. At anytime you may contact our Customer Support Team at for assistance with the course or the website.

Welcome to Breathe into Meditation Video Series with davidji

If you’re reading these words, you’ve already begun your journey on the spiritual path, or perhaps you’re finding yourself at the crossroads of some potentially defining moment in your life. Maybe you’re sensing a feeling of longing for something beyond what exists right now. Or you have confusion about the situation in which you currently find yourself. There may even be an indescribable sensation inside you—a sort of knowing that there’s something more, something deeper, something better . . . a place where you can finally experience true love, real abundance, greater fulfillment, or simply peace of mind in the midst of all the chaos that surrounds you. Oftentimes we simply feel trapped by our current circumstances or locked into a non-nourishing pattern.

But there is a doorway to the liberation you now seek. In fact, there are five doorways and five paths that you can walk as you gain your footing on your spiritual journey. These paths are available to all seekers whether this is your first step into spirituality or whether you have been practicing for many years.

What has happened in the past can’t be changed.
We can’t unring the bell, but we can move forward . . .
and how you choose to move forward from this moment,
is the choice that will determine the fabric of your life.

Stepping through this doorway of spirituality will take you on a lifelong journey that will give you the power to make the most brilliant choice at the exact perfect time—one that will align you completely with the Universe; take your life to the next level; and awaken the divine nature that rests at your very core. Yes, you have Sacred Powers of Transformation resting deep within. Not simply the power to change but to truly transform your life to a place of deep fulfillment. Transformation is evolution. And it validates the eternal truth that you are never stuck. You always have the power to shift your life from where you are to where you’d like to be and where you truly need to be.

I spend about eight months of the year traveling, speaking, hosting workshops, retreats and immersions. One of my favorite events was at Breathe Yoga studio in Rochester where I gave a three-hour keynote on Awakening Your Sacred Powers. I’ve curated the best of the best content from that keynote and parsed it into vignettes for you to enjoy.

If you haven’t yet, I also invite you to read my book Sacred Powers of Transformation, available on Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Indigo, Booktopia and more!

40 Days of Transformation

“You are what your deep, driving desire is. As you desire, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.”  —Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

Sometimes we’re pretty clear on what we want but we don’t know how to start the process. It seems that there’s so much else to do or think about, that our best intentions get lost in the swirl of our day-to-day. Our mind can be a tsunami of routines, rituals, regular activities, conditioned behaviors, commitments, intentions, and desires. Couple that with all the unknown, un-planned, and unexpected uncertainties that unfold with every text, email, phone call, conversation and action and … before you know it… you’ve lost track of that dream you were going to manifest.

When we procrastinate on taking our first step, it’s not solely an issue of time management… it’s more often an issue of CLARITY.

We get to choose what fills each moment of the day. The main problem is that we hit the ground running with our daily list of priorities, we try to get done what is in our awareness, and as new situations unfold, they become the new priority. So almost before we begin, we’re behind – then all the unknown stuff appears, which can appear staggering because we can’t catch our breath as more & more stuff keeps revealing itself. 

A personal meditation practice is your only opportunity for stillness in the wild swirl of day-to-day activity. No TV, no soothing music, just you and the stillness and silence that rests within. Meditation has touched millions around the world, and scientists and researchers have now proven that meditation is a powerful tool for working through challenges such as emotional pain, overcoming fear, feeling stuck, and coping with change. 

If you’re new to meditation, you might think that locking in 30 minutes of meditation a day is too challenging with life’s daily swirl. But, just 15 minutes of stillness and silence in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening are all you need to jumpstart a solid daily meditation practice. We transform the world by transforming ourselves… one meditation at a time. 

The number 40 has always had mystical significance throughout time. Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree for 40 days until he obtained enlightenment; Moses wandered the desert for 40 years with the Israelites; Jesus was tempted by the devil for 40 days and 40 nights; and the Sufi poet Rumi said what nine months in the womb nourishing an embryo, 40 early mornings will do for your spiritual practice. 

Whether you are new to meditation and working toward establishing a daily meditation practice, or you are a seasoned meditator who needs a meditation re-boot, the 40 Days of Transformation includes gentle yet profound curriculum for connecting to stillness and silence, increasing your awareness, moving through change or emotional baggage, letting go of what no longer serves you, and manifesting the life you really want.

These lessons include a block of guided and silent meditations, as well as instruction in pranayama (breath work) and visualizations. Your experience will be further enriched as davidji offers practical next steps to integrate these lessons into your daily life.

In this course, you will:

  • Explore different meditation techniques;
  • Improve your emotional intelligence and abundance consciousness;
  • Expand your knowledge of non-violent communication; 
  • Promote mindbody nourishment; 
  • Set intentions for important goals in your life;
  • Learn emotional release techniques; 
  • Improve conscious choice-making;
  • Learn about Vendanta, Ayurveda, yoga philosophy, and higher states of consciousness. 

We know that daily meditation is antidote to stress. Not just after the fact, but in a proactive, pre-emptive way so that we experience less of the suffering of life. Spending time in meditation every day has been scientifically proven to lessen your anger, lower your blood pressure and heart rate, ease your anxiety, cultivate camaraderie, and elevate your emotional intelligence. Meditating every day will allow you to move through life, and its daily challenges, stressors, and drama, with greater grace and greater ease. You will transform the world by transforming yourself.

Even if you’ve already completed the 40 Days once, I encourage you to dive back in – and this course gives you lifetime access to the lessons. And if this is your first time, now is the perfect time to step into your power, set your course and own your impact so you can manifest the dream life you’ve always wanted.

Everything You Need to Know to Make Meditation Work for You

Welcome to your FREE meditation training!

Today is the day you start to easily transform yourself—and your life—through the power of meditation… The FREE Meditation Training I created for you is finally here! In Everything You Need to Know to Make Meditation Work for You, I’m teaching you how to easily meditate… even if you’ve tried before and failed.

This free training consists of three lessons each with a 10-20 minute instructional video. During these videos, you’ll:

  • Discover how to easily meditate – even if you’ve tried before and failed.
  • Instantly break free of any pattern or behavior that’s limiting you.
  • Experience more calm, clarity and true happiness.
  • Use a special technique to help make your deepest desires a reality.
  • Learn the 4 steps to take to liberate yourself from stress or negativity.
  • Remove any barriers to love and healing.
  • Understand why meditation is the key to creating everything and anything you want.

What to Expect

First Lesson

  • Learn two key meditation techniques for people who find it hard to meditate
  • Break through the rules and rigidity of meditation – so it becomes fun!
  • Find out how to easily start a meditation practice.
  • Discover a powerful morning meditation that will set the tone for your ENTIRE day.  
  • And much more! 

Second Lesson

  • Break free of any blocks to love and happiness with a powerful ancient technique. 
  • Plant seeds of intention for what you want to manifest in your life. (Want a new job or to meet your beloved? You NEED to do this!)
  • Heal any grievances or relationship difficulties.
  • Expand your heart and become a conduit of healing for others. 
  • And much more! 

Third Lesson

  • Discover the 4 steps to take to liberate yourself from negativity, anger, sadness or stress.
  • Awaken to the best version of yourself—the part of you that makes you feel proud of how you respond to life.
  • Find out how to become less reactive during times of stress. 
  • Get rid of the walls that are keeping you from being totally happy, clear and calm.
  • And much more! 

Important Reminders

Each video will release three days apart. This is to give you plenty of time to process the material and begin to implement the tips, tools and techniques that you’ll learn. You will receive an email in your inbox letting you know the next video is ready. Be sure that you have added to your approved sender list or you run the risk of my emails going to your junk or spam folder. You can also log in to your course dashboard at anytime to access the lessons.

We recommend that you use the web browser Chrome for the best user experience. This free training is compatible with your mobile devices, as well, so you can access it from your phone or tablet.

Pease reach out to my customer service team with any questions!

Now, are you ready?! Let’s get started.

Welcome to Calm, Clear and Truly Happy: The Crisis Meditator’s Guide to Meditation!


I’m so grateful to have you here. I can’t wait to help you become a rockstar meditator!

I’ve set up this course to help you create a meditation practice that REALLY WORKS for YOU. Together, we’re breaking the rules of meditation. I won’t waste your time with theory or confusing jargon that leads no where. Instead, I’m here to share my time-tested techniques that work in the real world. Best of all, I’m going to show you how meditation can be fun and EASY.

I’ve laid this course out very carefully to help you avoid the stumbling blocks so many people encounter with meditation. We’re going to create a very powerful practice that is the foundation for everything else in your life. And, I’ll be supporting you every step of the way.

Journey with me… toward calm, toward clarity, toward true happiness.