Breathe Yoga Meditation Teacher Training
(6 weeks online; 1 week in-residence)

This Rochester, New York-based meditation teacher training is founded on the original source material of meditation – The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – and interweaves ancient wisdom, modern science, daily rituals and real-world teaching techniques.

Graduates will cultivate a daily meditation practice and a confident teaching style using the tools first developed by the ancient yogis. Please note: this is not a yoga teacher training and there is no emphasis on asana and no requirement of physical postures. The training includes a deep dive into the yama and niyamas pranayam (mastery of breath), dharana (attention), dhyana (meditation), as well as the most current science and real-world applications, and rituals to keep your practice thriving.

Breathe Yoga family of studios was founded by master yogi and Rochester-native Cyndi Weis whose vision was to bring the practice of yoga and healthy living to her community. The in-residence portion of this training takes place at Breathe Yoga’s flagship studio in Rochester. Click below to learn the dates for the upcoming session.