The Healing Sessions: Healing Your Soul Through the Second Meditation of the Day

Ideally, each day you wake up and meditate. Maybe you have a gratitude practice, or practice intention setting. Your morning meditation sets the table, plots the course, and plants the seeds for all that will follow. But most people don’t have a second meditation practice of the day. Your second meditation of the day has a distinct purpose. It allows you to release, process, let go of everything you took on over the course of the day – energy you’re holding on to, words you took personally, grudges, grievances, and anything that no longer serves you.

I call the first and second meditations the bookends of the day. And that’s why I’ve created this course so that you can get comfortable with that second daily meditation.

Over 10 days, I share with you my favorite second meditations of the day. These will help you to process the day and release what no longer serves you. Perhaps you’ve been defensive or taken something personally or said something you wish you could take back. It’s the second meditation of the day that allows you to truly have that catharsis at the end of the day, and that allows you to come back into your life – dinner time, pre-bedtime, bedtime, sleep time, and dream time, a little bit lighter. This powerful healing process will free your soul.