Meditation for Transformation Online Course

This course includes a gentle yet profound curriculum for connecting to stillness and silence, increasing your awareness, moving through change, releasing emotional baggage, making better decisions, falling in love with yourself again, and manifesting the life you really want – a life of passion, purpose, meaning, and deeper fulfillment.

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Each day’s practice builds on the previous day – so you feel the shift instantly in all of your interactions and conversations. You will start to make more conscious choices. And your dreamlife will start to unfold. The transformation is real and all you have to do is show up!

Through 40 days of powerful lessons crystalized from diverse ancient & modern spiritual traditions, you will elevate your vibration, shifting how you receive the world. This course includes guided and silent meditations, instruction in pranayama (breath work), ancient and modern mantras, transformational visualizations, and real-world guidance. Each day was recorded live; and davidji journeys with you throughout all 40 days, translating timeless wisdom in a gentle, yet highly engaging style and meditating along with you.

In this course, you will:

  • Discover powerful meditation techniques
  • Explore magnificent wisdom traditions
  • Travel on Shamanic journeys
  • Cultivate a relationship with silence
  • Learn to release daily anxiety & stress
  • Heighten your emotional intelligence
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Connect to divine spirit & learn to channel it
  • Expand your abundance consciousness
  • Manifest your goals through intention setting
  • Increase happiness in your life
  • Improve your ability to make better choices
  • Learn about Vedanta, Buddhism, Ayurveda, Native American teachings, Sufism, yoga philosophy, higher states of consciousness, and so much more!

We know that daily meditation can be the antidote to stress. Not just after the fact, but in a proactive, pre-emptive way so that we no longer experience suffering, struggling, or wrestling with life. Spending time in meditation every day has been scientifically proven to soothe your sadness, ease your anxiety, boost your memory, lessen your anger, lower your blood pressure, promote restful sleep, strengthen your ability to trust, and increase your compassion. Meditating every day will allow you to move through life, and its daily challenges, stressors, and drama, with greater grace and greater ease. You will transform the world by transforming yourself.