Destressifying & Fill What is Empty, Empty What is Full Package


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destressifying: The Real-World Guide to Personal Empowerment, Lasting Fulfillment, and  Peace of Mind & Fill What is Empty; Empty What is Full CD

When was the last time you snapped at someone or spoke words that you regretted? When was the last time you made a knee-jerk decision that you wish you could take back? How about the last time you felt burned out or overwhelmed? Most likely the cause was stress. Stress is destructive, diabolical and creeps into every moment of our lives. It influences our relationships, impacts our body, works its way into our conversations and sparks non- nourishing behaviors. In this book, stress-management expert davidji draws on decades of experience working with individuals in extreme, high-pressure situations – including business leaders, world-class athletes, members of the military and those in crisis – to share the solutions to stress we’ve desperately been waiting for. With the help of this book you will learn:- the 5 types of stress and how to deal with them- simple tools for dealing with modern life’s daily stressors, common woes and unpredictable situations – practical methods for prioritizing needs, managing emotions and communicating efficiently- how to keep stress levels at a constant low, and much more!!! This dynamic duo of davidji’s book destressifying along with the guided meditations from Fill What is Empty, Empty What is Full will help you relieve your stress and tap into the stillness and silence of meditation.

Whether you’re a crisis meditator, new to meditation, or have been meditating for many years, you’ll find the Guided Meditations and teachings of destressifying to be profound partners in your personal empowerment, your physical and emotional healing, and your mindbody transformation. Plus, your CD and book will be signed by davidji!!!

Fill What is Empty, Empty What is Full includes:
  1. Journey to Your Sweet Spot (peace meditation)
  2. Flow of Love (emotional healing meditation), ft. Snatam Kaur
  3. Heal Your Body (physical healing meditation)
  4. Open your Chakras (energy healing meditation)
  5. Animus (awakening meditation)
  6. Fill What Is Empty; Empty What Is Full (gratitude & abundance meditation)
  7. Infinite Flexibility (opening to change meditation)
  8. We Are the Ones (stepping forward meditation)

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