destressify Your Mind 6-Week Virtual Masterclass – Installment Plan

$183.00 / month for 3 months



We’re all familiar with the phrase, “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” And stress can do both depending on how you experience it, view it, live it, and master it. Throughout the day, as our needs are not met, as our expectations don’t unfold as predicted, or when adversity strikes, we experience stress – good stress, bad stress, acute stress, and chronic stress – that confuses, overwhelms, triggers, and prevents us from showing up as our best version.

destressifying transforms the essence of your being through a powerful, time-tested process that reveals your deepest life-affirming needs, and the blueprint to achieve them as you live the life of your dreams.

destressifying is a cutting edge mindset that transcends our traditional understanding of stress, fear, and anxiety– literally moving you beyond their well-known physical and emotional consequences – so you can be the calm amidst the chaos… the stillness inside the storm.

This virtual masterclass is not based on theory. Its real-world practical guidance will transform you at your very core. destressifying is your path to a more fulfilling life… a way to see the world with greater clarity, make better choices, live with greater ease, and achieve peace of mind.

What you get:

  • 12 hours of LIVE webinars and interaction with davidji
  • Weekly destressifying lesson
  • Weekly guided meditation
  • Weekly journal exercises
  • Private facebook page 

Lesson Outline:

  • Week 1: What is stress, and how does it affect our mindbody?
  • Week 2: Destressifying by mastering your needs + using The Five Realms to master your needs
  • Week 3: Destressifying through the five senses
  • Week 4: Destressifying through lifestyle choices
  • Week 5: Destressifying at work and home
  • Week 6: Destressifying in-the-moment

What to expect:

  • Masterclass begins March 29
  • Upon registering you will receive confirmation of your enrollment in your inbox with instructions for joining the live webinars with davidji. All webinars are held via Zoom. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM/JUNK FOLDERS if you don’t receive your confirmation. 
  • Webinars are every SUNDAY @1pm PT and WEDNESDAY @8am PT. You will receive an email from davidji every Friday that will include the links to the next week’s webinars, along with a weekly guided meditation and a journal exercise.
  • Webinars are 1 hour long and you will have the opportunity to ask davidji questions.
  • All webinars will be recorded in case you miss one. You will have the opportunity to rewatch the webinars, too.
  • Our team is here to help you and answer any questions you need. Reach out anytime to