davidji Affiliate Partners – Commission Agreement

Teacher Affiliates Commission and Bonus Agreement

davidji Certified Teachers are eligible for the following referral commission and discounted pricing when they refer students, colleagues, family members and friends to register for davidji events, program and teacher trainings using their unique affiliate link.

*Please note: all pricing is quoted in United States Dollars or “USD.”

Referral Commission

Once registered as a davidji Affiliate Partner, your enrollment will be validated. You will receive a referral commission only if the guest(s) you refer meet all these requirements:

  1. Successfully enrolls in a davidji event;
  2. Pays tuition in full; and,
  3. Attends the specified davidji event.

*Referral commissions are paid based on the tuition portion of event, teacher training, and any program enrollments only. Accommodations are not included.

You will receive a minimum 10 per cent referral commission (the amount per event may vary and will be outlined on the Affiliate Program Resource Center) for davidji Signature Meditation Nest weekend event referrals.

You will receive a $400 referral commission for davidji Teacher Training referrals.

*If your referral does not use your link for enrollment you will not receive a commission or a bonus. Commissions are not retroactive.

After the enrollment is complete your referral guest will be sent an event confirmation letter via email containing logistical information and commitment and refund policy. Travel and accommodations are not included.

Please refer to davidji.com and the Affiliate Program Resource Center for detailed information.

All referral commissions are paid, after your account reaches a $150 threshold, once a month and after the specified event has taken place. You can also choose to accumulate commission credits towards attendance at future davidji events. The referral’s payment must be received in full for the event, program, or teacher training. If your referral chooses the payment plan option you will receive a commission when the payment plan is complete.

You will receive commission payments via PayPal in U.S. dollars only. Please make sure your Paypal account email address is correct and current with the davidji inc. to ensure delivery of your payment.

Certified Teacher Bonus

As a davidji Teacher and Affiliate, you always receive early-bird pricing for events no matter when you sign up. Simply email nancy@davidji.com for the exclusive early bird registration code for teachers if the early-bird offer has expired for the event you wish to attend.

Referral Bonus

Occasionally, we may offer bonuses for certain programs and/or multiple referrals. Any such offerings will be promoted on a case by case basis within the Affiliate Program Resource Center.

In addition to commission, teachers who have multiple referrals to davidji Signature Events at the Meditation Nest are currently eligible for:

  • Five + attendees at any single davidji Signature (Meditation Nest) Event (not Teacher Training) – you can attend that specific event for free.*
  • Ten+ attendees at any single davidji Signature (Meditation Nest) Event (not Teacher Training) – you will receive a $250 bonus and can attend with a companion to that specific event for free.

*You must attend the specific event for which you registered/enrolled referrals. This is non-transferable.

How the Referral Program Works

Have your referral click on your link to register for the event of interest so you can receive a commission.

Refer to the Affiliate Resource Center for current referral commission details, and any special referral pricing that may be in effect from time to time.

Refer to davidji.com for details on locations and what is included in each event, program, and certification course.

Thank you for your commitment to the davidji’s mission of transforming the world by transforming ourselves.

It is our continued goal to guide and support our teachers. davidji inc. reserves the right to change the commission agreement annually. This contract voids and supersedes past accepted commission agreements.