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“HOLY SHIFT!” Sacred Choices workshop with davidji & Shelly Tygielski

Congratulations. You’re a work in progress just like all the rest of us.

You’re continually evolving, shaped by the joys, challenges and unforeseen circumstances called your life and the world around you. But does it sometimes feel as though your journey may never reveal the answers you seek? Maybe you’re just not asking the right questions?
Join Meditation Master and spiritual warrior, Davidji, and mind ninja, Shelly Tygielski, as they discuss their own personal paths – the good, the bad, the weird, and the wonderful – while providing some elevated insight about asking the right questions on your own winding road.

This is an interactive gathering and participation is more than just encouraged, it’s integral to getting your forward momentum going. Take away some pretty powerful mojo on carving your own sacred path, navigating it, believing in it and learning about yourself along the way. Learn to ask the right questions. The ones that will serve as a spiritual compass, pointing you toward to an individual truth sure to bring happiness, peace-of-mind and personal growth.

Enjoy an evening filled with revelations sure to have you exclaiming, “Holy Shift!”

unplug meditation | SANTA MONICA
FRI | Sept 28th | 7:15-8:15pm | $45

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